Donald Duck and the witch next door  {CUSTOM}

Donald Duck and the witch next door {CUSTOM}

This book is yet to be turned into a Journal, we are waiting for its forever home before we make it! 
This journal will be created upon your request made from a range of papers such as - 


- music paper

- childrens book pages

- scrapbook paper

- envelopes

- ledger paper

- colouring pages

- note paper

- grid paper

- lined paper

- coffee dyed pages

- paper pages

- photo mats

- atlas pages

- childrens encyclopedia pages

- full sized envelopes

+ the whole story 


All Junk Journals come with a small bag of die cut ephemora, buttons, and handmade pieces aswell as a envelope that is full of papers and bigger pieces for you to start your journal


You can make requests about the type of papers you would like, or if you would like it aimed more at a specific tone or gender,  however we can only do our best! 

  • Care Information

    As your Journal is a handmade piece, it comes with handmade mistakes, which adds to the character of your lovely new journal!
    Be nice to it by keeping it out of direct sunlight to avoid fading, and avoide hot coffee and liquids around this beautiful book (unless you are art journalling)!

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